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The Update Project is moving along well with new volunteer Immediate Past-President Kurt Brown giving us a much appreciated boost. He is currently processing the updates from 2006, which leaves only 2007 to the present remaining.

In addition Member, Deborah Cooper [BB ID 17328] has been contributing much extra information not only about her own line but other lines as they are encountered by her research. Deborah is a tenacious researcher and definitely receives my researcher-of-the-year award. Much thanks, Kurt and Deborah.

Finally, I would like to announce my intention to have a feature article in each issue of the Journal highlighting Ostrander statistics.

I look forward to working with the other OFA members and officers, updating some dates and facts on the early 3 generations of Ostranders and helping to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of Ostranders in America in 2011 in Hurley and Kingston, NY. I look forward to seeing you there.