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Kurt Brown is the most recent to have joined our committee and has processed the 2006 updates and is now working on the 2007s. I have been entering some current updates resulting from on going queries and collaborations with Deborah Cooper and others. Remaining to be done are the 2008 updates, some from 2009, some member applications from 1995 thru 1999, and a few large genealogies that have been donated to OFA.

Our regular sources of updates have been new membership applications, updates and published genealogies from existing members, obits from Melva Taylor, and queries that also offer some beginning information. In a new development Terrence Kelley has volunteered to send us copies of his extensive web searches and downloads from other communicates regarding all things Ostrander on almost a daily basis. This represents a large additional source.

In order to properly cite these sources I have acquired copies of the principal manuals on documenting sources and will be utilizing these to standardize our sources throughout our system. This information will then be made available to committee members and any other interested individuals.

In summary our database now contains over 3750 persons including Ostrander descendents, their spouses, and the spouse’s parents when known. There is some duplication of persons already in the Big Book however, but only in order to correct, update or connect them. As a precaution and also for reference purposes I have and will be sending backup files of our project to Kurt Brown and Glenn Ostrander on a periodic basis.