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Ostrander Records, History, and Genealogy


Compilation and Notes by Clifford Lamere    Aug 2004

Revised    Jun 2005





Social Security Death Index (SSDI)   (RootsWeb)  Over 2800 Ostranders.  They are sorted by Social Security number, which causes them to be arranged regionally by the state in which the Social Security application was filed, starting with New England.  Only 10 records are displayed at a time.  You can't get to the last record without going through a great number of other screens first.  To avoid this problem, use the Advanced Search.  It gives you many options to cut down on the number of hits.  For example, you can limit the search to Ostranders whose SS# was issued in a certain state, the year of death, the last place of residence, etc.

     The Social Security system was begun in 1937.  In 1962, electronic processing began.  Therefore, there are very few pre-1962 records in this database. 


California Death Records 1940-1997   (RootsWeb)  About 380 Ostranders.  Gives data like mother's maiden name.


Brooklyn Daily Eagle 1841-1902   (Brooklyn Public Library)  Over 2100 hits for the name Ostrander.  Online images.


New York City Death Index 1891-1911    (Italian Genealogical Group)  74 Ostrander deaths.


Texas Death Records 1964-1998  (RootsWeb)  About 50 Ostranders.  Skimpy information, but good for middle names and middle initials.


Michigan Genealogical Death Indexing System 1867-1897  (Michigan Dept. of Community Health)  50 Ostranders between 1864 and 1888.


Obituary Daily Times  --  This link is to a RootsWeb search engine.  Enter the name Ostrander and a list of over 500 obituaries containing the word Ostrander will appear.  Over 300 are for persons named Ostrander at their deaths.  Many more are for women whose maiden name was Ostrander.


USGenWeb Archives  --  Over 1600 hits for Ostrander.  If you enter both Ostrander and the name of the state, you can reduce the number of hits.  However, the name of the state and the state code will get different results, so try both.


RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project Global Search   --  21,000 hits for Ostrander.  These are the opinions of other genealogists and are not necessarily correct.


MetaSearch   (RootsWeb)  Search 46 RootsWeb Databases at one time.  




Albany Reformed Church Baptisms and Marriages, 1683-1809   (David Payne-Joyce)  About 10,000 records.  Lacks a search engine, but with David's permission these records can be searched using Cliff Lamere's search engine on Albany & Eastern New York Genealogy (see link below).  Several early spellings of the Ostrander surname were preceded with Van.  However, Van can be omitted from your search and still get the same result.  All of the following spellings were present in the Albany Reformed Church transcription:  Oostrant, Oost Strant, Oostrandt, Oosterandt, Oostrande,  Oostrander, and Ostrander.  You can search for all of them at once on Cliff's website where the search engine's default setting is "Find Any Word".  However, you will not know which spelling is on which webpage.  Some webpages may contain several spellings.  Therefore, in order not to miss some of the early records, you should try each spelling separately.


Baptisms at the Schaghticoke Dutch Reformed Church 1752-1866   (Debby Masterson)  33 Ostrander baptisms at this northern Rensselaer Co., NY church.


Ostrander Marriages (25), 1704-1799, at the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, NY   Essential information was reworded after extraction from the book, "Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York, 1660-1809" by Roswell Randall Hoes (published 1891).  Using Edit/Find, search for   ostran   .  That will allow you to find Ostrander as well as Oostrander and Ostranter.  This webpage includes the page number in the book.  Just browse upward until you find it at the left margin.


Ostrander Baptisms 1689-1803, at the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, NY   Extracted from the book, "Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York, 1660-1809" by Roswell Randall Hoes (published 1891).  Using Edit/Find, search for   ostran   .  That will allow you to find Ostrander as well as Oostrander and Ostranter.  No page numbers included.  Each record gives the names of the parents, the name of the child, and then the names of the witnesses/sponsors.





Ostrander Obituaries - USA  (Clifford Lamere)   to be added when a URL on OFA is available.


Ostranders Buried in Rensselaer County, NY   (Don & Clare Radz)  Extensive data.  About 180 Ostranders.


Ostranders Buried in Columbia County, NY - an index   (Lawrence Rickard)  About 130 names of Ostranders buried in Columbia Co.  Some are duplicated (cemeteries were transcribed more than once).  This is a 60,000 name index.  A companion webpage prepared by Cliff Lamere will help you identify the cemetery in which the person was buried, thereby allowing you to determine possible family units or closely related people.  Pages from the original cemetery transcriptions can be ordered from the Columbia County Historical Society. 


Grimes District Cemetery, McKean Co., Pennsylvania    (Ed Grimes, Tom Hardes, & Alice M. (Freer) Henneberry)  

36 Ostrander gravestones.


United States Obituary Index   (Josť Rivera Nieves)  The search engine for the whole United States is at the bottom of the webpage.  




Albany & Eastern New York Genealogy   (Cliff Lamere) Search engine will find many webpages containing Ostranders.  Most of the webpages contain information not online elsewhere.  Website contains over 500 links to local online records, most of which are on other websites so they cannot be searched by the search engine.  The search engine shows at least 20 webpages on this website that contain the name Ostrander.  Baptisms and marriages (1683-1809) at the Albany Reformed Dutch Church (mentioned above) can also be searched using this search engine.


Some Ostranders of New York State   (Clifford Lamere)  A sampling of births, marriages, deaths, church memberships, and censuses, mainly in the area of Albany, NY and surrounding counties.  Much of it is from little known sources. 


Ostrander: Genealogy By Newspaper   (Ralph Clouse) A Collection of Ostrander Family Newspaper Notices (obituaries, marriages, etc.).  "While the newspaper sources are mainly from Northern California, the people written about originated from all parts of the United States."  Ralph has made a researcher's job easier because he identifies each Ostrander with the same number used in 'The Big Book' ("Ostrander: A Genealogical Record 1660 - 1995," by Emmett and Vinton P. Ostrander, published by the Ostrander Family Association).


Ostranders: Eastern New York Church and Cemetery Records   (Betty Fink)  Counties of Albany, Schenectady and

Rensselaer.  Use search engine.




Greene Co., NY History and Genealogy   (RootsWeb)  Over 100 documents contain the name Ostrander.


Ostranders: 5 Early Generations   (Janet Derbyshire)  Gives sources for much of the information.


The Ostrander Family, from Olde Ulster Magazine - July 1910    (De Witt W. Ostrander)  Earliest Ostranders.   


Ostrander Ancestor Trees   (Terence Kelley)  Each line is a range of about 28 names, the first and last of which are mentioned.  There are over 750 Ostranders in all.


Long Island Genealogy Surname Database    (Long Island Genealogy)  About 700 Ostranders.