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January, 2010 - Volume 2 Number 2

Broken Chain by Bill Greer

2010 Census

Charles T. Gehring

Salt Museum

Online Ostrander Forum


Peter Carstensen

Hudson Valley Activities

Memorial Bricks for Veterans - National War Museums:

The Walk of Valor - National Civil War Museum (Harrisburg, PA)

The Walk of Honor - National World War 1 Museum (Kansas City, MO)

The Road to Victory - National WWII Museum (New Orleans, LA)

Korean War Museum - no brick program (Springfield, IL)

Vietnam War Museum (Orlando, FL)

Charlie Birch sent in these copies of Morley Ostrander's attestation (Sign up ) papers which he had to fill out upon volunteering for the 168th Battalion.

Morley Ostrander military papers front

Morley Ostrander military papers back