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Thank you for visiting the OFA website and for your interest in the Ostrander Family Association!

Here's a little bit about us:

FOUNDER:   Vinton P. Ostrander - July 25, 1906 to August 3, 1997.

Founded in 1984 Kingston, New York. The first Ostrander Family Reunion was held in Ithaca, NY in 1982. A committee of eleven persons was appointed, representing various regions of the country and lines of descent. A meeting of 5 members of this committee was held on July 24, 1983 in Kingston, NY. The first Meeting of the International Ostrander Family (including our Canadian cousins) was organized and held on July 21, 1984 at the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, N.Y.

It was at this reunion that the Ostrander Family Association Constitution and By-Laws was adopted. At this meeting, Clifford Ostrander of the Elias Ostrander Family Group in Tompkins Country, NY installed the officers who were present and charged them "to do your best to establish the Ostrander Family Association on a strong base that will endure through the years to come". He also charged "the Ostrander families to support the officers and board members you have elected and to willingly help and serve, if asked, to make the Association effective, teach and inform your children about the family that they may take pride in their inheritance."

The OFA was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the State of Washington in 1995. This was also the year that the OFA published the 'Ostrander Family Heritage Book' aka Big Book to include all family research gathered or submitted by membership as of that cutoff date. This book consists of 944 pages and over 17,500 Ostrander descendants. It is a monumental work upon which to build your family genealogical research or family interest. Many were gifted to Libraries and other Associations around the country so they can be found if you were not able to purchase one from the OFA.


To promote an increase in knowledge of and interest in the early Dutch settlement of New Netherland (principally what is now the Hudson Valley area of New York), by researching, collecting, preserving and publishing the genealogy of the antecedents and descendants of Pieter Pietersen Ostrander.

See updated slate of officers below (2017 - 2019):


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Please join the OFA to receive the many perks of membership which includes our continued research, data gathering and OFA Journal. We contiune to maintain and update the Ostrander family history records for all branches in our Family Genealogy Database!

* THE OSTRANDER FAMILY HERITAGE BOOK (BIG BOOK) HAS SOLD OUT! AFTER 20 YEARS! Thank you to all the generous benefactors in the OFA that contributed to the 'BIG BOOK' and got it published with donations and hard work! It was a labor of love for so many.