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During the OFA Reunion in Tilsonburg, Ontario, Robert F. Ostrander, our new Area Vice President for the Southeastern U.S. region donated an Ostrander Big Book. The Board voted to present a signed copy of the book to the Ostrander, Ohio Library. Kurt Brown, our newly elected President, presented the book to the Mayor of Ostrander, Ohio.

Click on the link below for details and pictures of the presentation.

Preservationists Hope to Save Albany Building's Colonial Remnants

By the Associated Press, dated 5/9/07. A preservationist has assembled a team of experts in the hopes of saving the remnants of a nearly 280-year-old Dutch home found within another structure in Albany.

The Esopus Indian Wars - (no longer linked online). Esopus Indian wars were 'the clash of cultures' by Jesse J. Smith, Freeman staff (Kingston, NY). This article was featured in the 5/29/2005 on-line version of the Daily Freeman and submitted by Peter J. Ostrander. It provides background on the period of American History that was occuring during the time that the Ostrander family settled in Hurley, NY.

Oldest standing house in the city (Albany, NY - a very "Dutch" city) - October 2006, De Bonte Koe Newsletter.

Dutch treat - Brian Parker is restoring Albany's oldest building that dates to 1728. By Donna Liquori, Special to the Times Union, First Published: Sunday, August 20, 2006.

Discovering a Yosemite Hushed by Winter's Snow, New York Times - February 19, 2006 by Mark Sundeen.

An interesting article on how Huts are used with references to the 'Ostrander Hut' which is operated by the nonprofit Yosemite Association. Also references a 1995 publication entitled "The Perfect Art: The Ostrander Hut and Ski Touring in Yosemite, a published history of the Ostrander Hut by Mr. Howard Weamer.