About Our Member Directory

The Member Directory information is populated by your Member Profile information. The most common privacy preferences are set by default, but you may modify what is displayed in the directory through your Member Profile. Just look for the Privacy link and click to edit the information that will be viewable in the directory.

How do I access the member directory?

After logging in to the OFA website (ostrander.org), click Member Dashboard, then Member Directory. you are there!

What is the purpose of the Directory?

The directory provides information that helps members connect, communicate and further their research. Relatives may be found, members living nearby can be contacted and genealogical connections may be made. It’s a way for the membership to learn who are the other people seriously interested in Ostrander family history.

What appears in the directory?
  • Only active members in good standing appear in the directory.
  • The directory is not visible to non-member visitors to the OFA website.
  • You are able to individually specify the privacy level of data fields in your member record.

You can choose to show all items, only selected items or nothing at all … not even your name. Privacy is covered in the Member Profile section of the Help Center.

By default, the directory shows the following: name, city, state/province, zip/postal code, country, family branch and Big Book number. Phone number and email and street addresses are not shown. As noted above, you may add or delete items to be shown in your directory entry.

Who Can See the Directory?

Only active members in good standing, who are able to Login, can view other members’ directory entries.

About those names...

Preferred First Name is the name you prefer to be called. Often it is the legal first name but there are members who prefer to use their middle name, nickname or something else.

Born As Name applies to those people whose last names have changed since birth. Commonly this would be as a result of marriage or a legal name change. This is useful information for genealogy research.

Can I search for members in the directory?

Yes, from the directory summary page you may do a Simple or Advanced search.

Simple Search, at the top of the directory summary, searches only those fields contained in the summary – last name, first name and city, state/province.

Much more useful is Advanced Search accessed by clicking Advanced Search … just above the Simple Search box and under the Directory heading. Advanced Search allows each and every directory field to be searched using a variety of matching criteria. For example, to find the members with the middle name Ostrander, search on ‘Middle Name is Ostrander’. Want to know how many members identify with the Arent³ branch, search on ‘Family Branch is Arent³’. Very handy reference tool.

How can I contact another member in the directory?

Click the Send Message button at the top of the member’s directory details. A Send Message form is displayed where you can enter the Subject and Body of your message and change the Reply name and email address if you wish. Click Send and the message is sent to the member.

Members have the option to not show the Send Message button. If you do not see it, that member has chosen not to receive email from other members. The Send Message button is shown by default and the OFA expects most members will leave it that way.

All this information and search capability is great but what do I do if I need help getting it to work for me?

Send an email with your questions or difficulties to webhelp@ostrander.org. Someone will be in touch to help you out.