About Your Member Profile

Why is the Member Profile important to you? The OFA website offers numerous self-service options for members. Many of these options are available from the member profile and all depend on the member profile for accurate information about you.

Articles of Interest

Member Contribution Resources Discovering a Yosemite Hushed by Winter’s Snow, New York Times – February 19, 2006 by Mark Sundeen. An interesting article on how Huts are used with references to the ‘Ostrander Hut’ which is operated by the nonprofit Yosemite Association. Also references a 1995 publication entitled “The Perfect Art: The Ostrander Hut and …

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Privacy Options & Email Subscriptions

Privacy Click on Privacy (on your My Profile page just below the Edit Profile button) to review the privacy settings for your profile. The current settings for access to your profile items is displayed in three columns:

About Our Member Directory

A directory of OFA members. Advanced search functions allows you to search by city, state and more to find cousins near you. Click READ MORE.


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Member Photo Albums

Key points about photo albums: You can create multiple photo albums and upload photos to your albums. You can add descriptions to your albums and captions to your photos.

Managing Your Membership

NOW membership renewals, including credit card payments, can be processed online. Click READ MORE to learn how this works.