One of the first goals set by the first OFA Board of Directors was to publish a family heritage book and include as many Ostranders as they could find. It was a monumental task, especially considering the technology available at the time. In 1995, the genealogical data that had been collected to-date was compiled painstakingly by hand. The result, published in 1999 included 944 pages and over 17,500 Ostrander descendants.  OSTRANDER, A Genealogical Record, 1660-1995 , would not have been possible without more than one hundred individual family researchers, donations, sponsors, and the Ostrander Family Association.

1,500 copies were printed in 1999.  Many copies were donated to libraries and historical societies around the country. The last book was sold in 2016. It was truly a labor of love by so many. It is a comprehensive source upon which to build your family genealogical research or family interest.

The OFA continues to collect genealogical data, which is stored in the OFA database. It would be up to members to support an updated printed book, but technology today allows us to explore digital publications.