What is available on the OFA website at

The website includes publicly available information about the Ostrander family, the Ostrander Family Association (OFA) and the ability for interested visitors to easily join the OFA online. It also includes nformation and tools available exclusively to OFA members. These items provide significant benefits to active members. All of the member-exclusive content is accessed through the Member Dashboard menu item and by logging into the OFA website.

How is organized?

  1. The main menu at the top of the Home page contains links to the information available on the website – Home, About Us, Join Us!, Resources, & Events (these five sections are publicly available) and Member Dashboard (content exclusively for OFA members).
  2. The background painting depicts a village and Ostrander family members who could have attended a 17th century family reunion in the Hudson Valley of New Netherland. The painter, Wes Ostrander, identifies the 44 “family and allied family members” attending the reunion. An interesting bit of history and a true work of Ostrander family art that is well worth your attention. Click >>Discover more about this painting for more information.
  3. A meaningful Quote by our founder.
  4. Two columns entitled Welcome! And Why Join?. These lead to information that describes the Ostrander family, the association and its activities, and provides compelling reasons for website visitors to join the OFA.