Your family is important to you & you’ve spent a lot of time learning about your family tree.  We know accuracy is important, and there are contradicting trees and information out there.  We serve as a reliable source to support your efforts.

Family Reunions

A family reunion is held every two years; the next reunion is planned for 2019.

We also support groups who want to host regional or local family reunions with materials like our family history brochure at cost.


Collaborate with cousins and share information.

Newsletter & Special Publications

Cover of OFA Publication

The OFA newsletter - published three times a year: February, June and October. Mailed to your door, the old fashioned way. This publication is a mix of articles from both past and present. Interesting stories from the past and new discoveries. Members are encouraged to submit articles or even tidbits that would be of interest to the family.


Ostrander Surname Project

For those who are interested in Genetic Genealogy, we've got a community here to help you along.