With support of our members we collect, preserve, research and publish the genealogy of the antecedents and descendants of Pieter Pietersen Ostrander. We promote family unity and strive for accuracy therefore, making corrections when new genealogical evidence is found.


OFA genealogists, past and present have been collecting family history for over five decades. Early efforts were built upon the 1880s work of Nathaniel Jacob Ostrander (1843-1917). Family histories are collected from new family members searches, in local libraries and other genealogical repositories, and the increasing number of internet genealogical sites.


We preserve our family history in a database using The Master Genealogist (TMG) program and in written histories maintained by our family genealogist. Preservation is our most important aspect. As our extended family members age these records may be the only references available to them when their parents and grandparents are no longer available. Thus, contributions from new members are extremely important.


Our research is part of the collection process using local libraries, probate records, newspaper obituaries, census record, church records, and more. In addition, another goal of our research is to discover the links necessary to connect the numerous unconnected lines to Pieter Pietersen Ostrander.


Historically, the OFA has published thirty-five years of Newsletters, and, two printed books: Ostrander Family Vital Records in 1989, and, Ostrander, A Genealogical Record 1660-1995, often referred to as the Big Book or BB, in 1999. The former is a compilation of historical records and changes are minor, while ongoing research and growing families result in numerous changes and additions to the latter. These changes which might have resulted in publishing either substantial errata or an entirely new book twenty years ago, now can be made available on the internet and make online publishing of major works much easier.