Association History

Kingston, New York - 1984

The formation of the Ostrander Family Association (OFA) in 1984 was the culmination of the efforts of a number of Ostrander descendants who had been separately recording genealogical data from family records and other sources. As early as 1912, attempts had been made to set up a family organization, but nothing had endured more than a few years. By 1979 Vinton Pierce Ostrander had made contact with a significant number of ‘Ostrander cousins’ and organized a family picnic for them to meet. In 1983, five founding members– Vinton P. Ostrander of Ithaca, New York; Peter H. Ostrander of Ghent, New York; Phyllis Feeney of Westport, Connecticut; Chester B. Ostrander of South Glenn Falls, New York; and Lynn H. Ostrander of Bradford, Pennsylvania — laid plans for the founding of the OFA and organizing the First International Ostrander Family Reunion at the Old Dutch Church in Kingston, NY in 1984. 

Vinton P. Ostrander in the Early Days.

Courtesy of  TIME magazine.


March 21, 1983 TIME magazine singled out Vinton Ostrander as one of the early users of the computer in genealogical research.