Privacy Options & Email Subscriptions


Click on Privacy (on your My Profile page just below the Edit Profile button) to review the privacy settings for your profile. The current settings for access to your profile items is displayed in three columns:

  • Anybody: Currently not used by the OFA because access to the Member Directory is limited to members only.
  • Members: Active members of the OFA.
  • No Access: You have access, of course, but no public or member access is allowed. OFA board members – particularly those responsible for membership administration, reunion planning, OFA Journal publishing, website design and support and financial affairs –have access all member profile information.

To change your privacy settings, click Edit Profile and click on the ‘radio button’ for the profile item and level of privacy you wish to have. Very simple. Only one button can be selected in each row.

There are a few other privacy selections not directly related to your profile:

  • Photo album: Define if/how to share your photos stored “in the cloud” at the OFA member database
  • Send message form: Determines if the Send Message button appears on your My Profile page so other members can send you an email message. No Access means only OFA administration can send you emails.
  • Membership level: Member level changes are not supported at this time and the No Access setting is locked. Requests for membership level change (1,2 or 3 years) should be made by request to
  • User ID: This is an internal identifier for your OFA account. There is no reason to share it and it is locked.
  • OFA Account Number: Same as User ID.

Email Subscriptions

You can decide whether or not to receive two types of email messages from OFA:

  • Advance announcement of upcoming events like reunions and biannual membership meetings
  • News updates, OFA announcements and other items of general interest to members.

The OFA will increasingly be using email to communicate important news and notices to members so we hope you continue to subscribe to OFA emails.

Confirmation emails in response to specific actions on your part, such as membership renewal notices or event registration confirmations, are sent to your regardless of the email subscription settings.

As with all other matters related to your OFA membership, send any questions, concerns or special requests to OFA at Or go to the Contact Us page for more information about contacting OFA leaders.