Van Ostrande – Radliff House

Albany, New York's Oldest Building at 48 Hudson Avenue

In our October 2006, OFA Newsletter we published an article- Oldest standing house in the city (Albany, NY – a very Dutch city).  It was written by Donna Liquor, as a Special to the Times Union. The article is four pages long, but was summarized and posted on our old website. Here is a link to the previously published summary.

The building’s owner, the Historic Albany Foundation, maintains a beautiful webpage dedicated to telling it’s story of preservation.  They produced a phenomenal video accessible on their page and can be viewed on their website (this link will bring you there).

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Member Contribution Resources Discovering a Yosemite Hushed by Winter’s Snow, New York Times – February 19, 2006 by Mark Sundeen. An interesting article on how Huts are used with references to the ‘Ostrander Hut’ which is operated by the nonprofit Yosemite Association. Also references a 1995 publication entitled “The Perfect Art: The Ostrander Hut and …

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